IT Mgr (< 20 employees)

Position ID
TT - 1040 (Full Time / Hybrid)
Depends on Experience + Strength of Fit
San Diego (Hybrid Role in UTC)
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This is a Hybrid Role in San Diego (UTC area)

Mile High View:

  • This should be a very low stress, low demand role with very civilized hours.
  • Great work/life balance type of gig. As the CEO put it “this is an IT dream job”.
  • The role is a fully hands-on IT Mgr role who would do everything themselves.  An Engineering team member and support person would provide cover when on vacation, sick, etc.
  • Very small company that is still under 20 employees (12+ in USA and 3 in Asia) that need IT support.
  • Must live in San Diego as this is a Hybrid role/model with tons of flexibility. Figure 2-3 days in office per week but over time when trust is built, more flexible for sure.
  • Candidates should have solid Linux (bulk of admin work) and Windows administration chops, security, network systems, and know industry standard data retention & security policies for corp assets as well as automated build systems.

Technical Skills:

  • 4+ yrs Linux & Windows admin
    – Linux servers run nearly all AWS for legacy operations. Amazon EC2 (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud) are centos/Debian.
    – Linux is also the OS used for infrastructure technology such as the firewall, large data array, etc that is on premise.
    – Windows server is only used to host MSSQL for a legacy system. The rest are standard Windows 10/11 Professional installs for end-users.
  • 3+ yrs AWS cloud exp
  • 1+ yr Google GSuites management
  • Knowledge of automated build engines
  • 2+ yrs of FreeIPA or relevant exp
  • 2+ yrs DBA exp
    – MSSQL for the most part.
    – Legacy systems are in the cloud of MySQL but require very little maintenance.
  • 3+ yrs Linux scripting
  • Need to know things like PFSense, Samba shares for Mac/Windows clients, OpenVPN, FreeNAS (all of which are using Linux concepts). Some other things that need power shell for searching docs in Windows, etc.
  • Whoever fills this role must DOCUMENT, be RESPONSIVE and FINISH their projects.

Intial Top IT Priorities:

  • Getting a handle on the various legacy systems, how they are wired together, and how to service them. This includes various customizations to Salesforce, access control to the central file server, and controlling permissions to mix clients between Mac/PC. Understanding what the prior SRE did without documentation (or much of it).
  • Offline and migrate the Vegas server to the cloud. Disposition of Vegas materials (salvage drives, chassis for reuse) etc.
  • Immediately get a solution for laptop users for better support and availability. For example, what is a cost-effective way to replace and service laptops with minimal turnaround time?

More Details Available with inquiry!

H1-B Visa
US citizens and Green Card Holders and those authorized to work in the US are encouraged to apply. We are unable to sponsor H1B candidates at this time. Thank you.
Relocation is not provided. Thank you.

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