Referral Rewards

Shared success is the sweetest kind of all.

If TechTalent places a referred technologist in a direct hire and/or contract position, you could qualify for a generous referral reward as our way of saying thank you!

How Rewards Work

Direct Hire Referrals:  

For each technology professional placed directly in a full-time position, you will be eligible for a generous referral cash payment. The reward is paid immediately after the referred candidate completes the guarantee period related to their new role placement terms (typically 90 days or more). See referral process below for more details.

Contract/Temporary Referrals:  

For each technology professional placed in a contract/temporary position, you will be eligible for a generous reward. Rewards are paid out every three months. If assignment ends earlier than three months, payment will be made within 30 days of the last day worked by candidate. If referred technologist converts from contractor to a full time employee with current client, TechTalent does not pay an additional direct hire referral reward. See referral process below.

How to make Referrals

Making an effective referral is simple:   Provide us with some sort of current contact information for somebody that you want to refer and we’ll do the rest – or you can just tell them to mention your full name when submitting their resume or making contact with us. It’s that simple!

If the referred candidate is not already part of TechTalent’s database, or if TechTalent does not possess current contact information, your referral is valid and eligible for referral rewards indefinitely. NOTE: Even if they are already in our database, we often pay the referral rewards regardless to encourage continued referral participation. Besides, your referral is a vote of confidence in that person and we value that endorsement as well as your effort to participate.

The key in making a referral is to be sure we know that ‘you’ are the referring party.  Also, feel free to make unlimited referrals at any time as TechTalent does not require that there be an active position open at the time of referral nor does the referred person need to be looking – perhaps they just want to connect for the long run so we know one another better when it’s time to go into an actively or passively looking mode.