Our focus

Boutique tech recruitment – TechTalent is pure technical recruitment focused on identifying and presenting top technical talent to the business community from tech startups and SMBs to mature companies. Whether you have a need for seasoned, highly experienced senior level individual contributors or tech leadership talent, you can count on TechTalent to focus relentlessly on delivering results.

Our approach is unique

  • Not only is the founder of TechTalent originally from the tech space (which includes independent tech/IT consulting, technical management with a small, fast growing  software company) but what amplifies TechTalent’s effectiveness is that we partner with in-house technical expertise that takes qualifying potential candidates to the next level.  Learn more …
  • Add over 25 years of concentrated technical recruiting expertise to years in the tech space and this unique blend positions TechTalent as a true consultative partner. Compare this blended experience to other tech staffing outfits (with little to no tech industry experience submitting resumes based on a job description filled with a handful of misunderstood technical buzzwords) and the difference is pronounced.

Our recruiting philosophy

Instead of fantasizing about large placement fees or bloated bill rates, TechTalent focuses on matching talented people with attractive career opportunities. Essential best practices and guiding principles are:

  1. Do what’s right! In the end, this entire process involves individual careers and company futures so it’s critical to keep things in perspective.
  2. Invest time up front to understand your core business, company culture and the specifics of your technical environment.
  3. Only present strong, pre-qualified candidates. As a matter of fact, we’d rather not send you any candidates than a handful of pseudo-qualified resumes.

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