.NET/Azure is our focus

If you’re primarily focused on .NET tech stack development, architecture or leading predominately .NET platform dev teams, we want to hear from you. We also focus on all things Azure covering the entire Azure ecosystem (DevOps, Data Engineering, BI and Data Science in Azure AI Services).

Recruiting Philosophy

Knowing that top technical professionals are busy, in high demand and like things straight forward and genuine, let’s keep this simple. Instead of posting opportunities that are potentially static/stale, TechTalent hand selects talent and invites them to explore active openings while they are genuinely fresh. Also, many of our clients don’t even post open roles to job boards so you’ll potentially have an advantage.

For those that are content for now but want to proactively build a relationship with TechTalent, send us your credentials and become part of our exclusive network.

Best Practices

  • You’ll be treated with respect (not as a potential commission check)
  • We’ll never submit your resume to any client without your prior approval
  • Your space will be respected (e.g. we simply check in every six months or so)
  • We’ll always be available to answer any questions, provide advice, etc.

Our goal is straight forward:

Build long term high quality relationships so we’re not starting from zero if an opportunity comes in that’s potentially worth your assessment and exploration. If you end up not wanting to size up the opportunity, no hard feelings.