What’s a TSME?

A TSME is a Technical Subject Matter Expert that strategically partners with TechTalent. The goal is to assure that candidate expertise and tech skills are assessed against our client’s specific technical requirements before they invest valuable time and energy interviewing them.  TechTalent has already assembled a small handpicked cadre of TSME partners for many of the most popular tech stacks and disciplines  (e.g. .NET, LAMP, Sys Admin, BI/Data Science, etc.), however, we continually comb the technical landscape to uncover additional technical partners.

What exactly does a TSME do?

Your goal is to size up potential candidates that have already been vetted by TechTalent with regard to areas of general technical expertise, domain knowledge, compensation, commuting parameters, culture fit, soft skills, etc.  but have not yet been interviewed by our clients. Your value-add is to assess their technical skills against our client’s specific technical requirements before any interview at their end takes place to save them valuable time and energy.

As a result of your phone screening session (after hours is fine with us), it’s very possible that a candidate is not the best fit for our client due to the outcome rating of your TSME interview assessment. In the end this is the whole point of this approach. We simply want to represent the best and most highly qualified candidates to increase the chance of a technical fit and hence a positive hiring outcome for our clients. Essentially this is a quality over quantity approach in an effort to save our clients time and energy – which is the whole point of engaging search professionals in the first place. Also, you are often part of the requirements gathering stage which allows you to earn more cash rewards for your time and effort.

I’m interested in being a TSME. How do I apply?

It’s a very simple process. Simply email us and be sure to include:

  • Your area of Technical Expertise (keep it as simple as possible)
  • First and Last name and/or most recent resume
  • A high level summary to sum up why you think you’d be a great TSME

That’s it – painless!