Spell check just isn’t enough …

The old saying ‘you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression’ could not be more apropos in resume writing.

So, before you post your resume or email it off to somebody you have to do more than run a spell check. More specifically, spell checking is a great idea for sure but it simply will not catch the wrong word that is correctly spelled. That is, since to, two and too are all spelled correctly, it makes a big difference which one you include in your resume. Even spell checkers with a grammar check feature often don’t catch these mistakes, so user beware.

Now this may seem like resume writing 101, but it blows me away how often I come across this mistake when reviewing resumes … especially on those resumes written by folks that claim to be ‘detail oriented’. Go figure!

TAKE AWAY – The key is to proof read the resume all the way through yourself, then spell/grammar check.. and then if at all possible, get somebody else to read it with a fresh pair of eyes before releasing it.