Since every recruiting/hiring need is driven by unique factors, TechTalent offers a range of staffing solutions:

  • Direct Hire/Full Time Placement
  • Staff Augmentation (Contractor Placement)
  • Contract-to-Hire

Startup Solutions

With a special affection for tech startups which often have very unique needs, TechTalent can often provide specific customized solutions.  Learn more …

How do we deliver precisely what you need?

The answer is our unique TSME (Technical Subject Matter Expert) approach.

More specifically, unlike so many tech recruiting outfits who employ recruiters with little to no tech industry work experience (unlike TechTalent’s Founder) we approach your specific technical hiring needs by partnering with a carefully handpicked cadre of TSME participants. This is a unique and refreshing approach versus the typical method of non-technical recruiters collecting a handful of misunderstood technical buzz words, and immediately launching a search without being able to effectively assess the technical skills of the candidates they represent/submit.

So, instead of fantasizing about large placement fees or bloated bill rates, we invest focused effort/resources/time up front by including a TSME in the requirements gathering stage with our clients to fully understand your technical hiring needs. The outcome is a much more efficient time saving search effort!   See sample TSME profiles

What exactly is a TechTalent TSME?

A TSME is a Technical Subject Matter Expert that strategically partners with TechTalent to assure candidate expertise and skills are assessed against your specific technical requirements before our clients invest valuable time and energy interviewing. Essentially this novel approach increases the chance of a technical fit and hence a positive hiring outcome (hence saving time).

TechTalent has assembled a cadre of TSME for the most popular tech stacks and disciplines  (e.g. .NET, LAMP, Sys Admin, BI/Data Science, etc.) and continues to uncover and bring on more technical partners. Some search firms utilize online testing solutions but time has proven that these tests are simply too broad and not customized to the specific technical requirements that most hiring managers are looking for and need.     See sample TSME profiles


In addition to traditional IT recruitment (e.g. IT / Networking, Software Development and Test, Technical Management, etc.) TechTalent also offers a specialty search practice called DataTalent.  

DataTalent is focused on Data Science recruitment which services the emerging and maturing field of Data Science. This encompasses Big Data Analytics needs for traditional Data Mining and Data Visualization as well as the increased demand of the BioTech/BioMed industry in the fields of Bioinformatics, Targeted Diagnostics, Wireless Medicine, Translational Research, and Clinical Genomics.

Learn more about areas of focus and examples of functional titles that DataTalent specializes in.