In-House Expertise

In-House Tech Expertise Matters

TechTalent partners with in-house expertise which allows us to pre-screen candidates before our clients invest valuable time and energy interviewing. This approach means that only candidates that strongly match your specific needs are presented.

What is unique about our process is that the same in-house expert that gathers your needs at the beginning of the process is also vetting potential candidates for you. This way they size up both tech chops and culture fit at the same time.

Our Expert .NET Software Architect’s Bio


.NET Architect / Developer / Speaker / Trainer
Long-time, hands-on architect in the Microsoft development space
⇒ Speaker used by Microsoft to engage architects for the adoption of .NET and TFS (Now Azure DevOps)
⇒ Courseware author for architecture training used privately at large organizations including Intel Corporation
⇒ Hired as a consultant to evaluate software teams and processes
⇒ Performs as a trainer to educate recruiting staffs in software trends & candidate engagement


Software architect with over 25 years of hands-on experience in architecture, design and development. Expertise spans both object-oriented and functional paradigms and includes work in event processing, machine learning, time-series analysis, agent-based architectures and advanced data visualizations.

Back in the early days of .NET, Microsoft selected this software veteran as the Chairman of the Microsoft Architect Council for the MidAmerica district to facilitate the selection, adoption and transition to .NET. Since then, he has continued to provide strategy, training and transition services for corporations – from small manufacturing companies to Fortune 50 Corporations including Microsoft, Anheuser-Busch and Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

Skills include a unique ability to communicate technology to a broad range of audiences from down-to-the-metal technicians to business development professionals to executives. He is a frequent speaker and has authored courses on enterprise architecture patterns that have been taught publicly as well as privately for companies including Intel Corporation.