Tech SME Profiles

We’ve assembled, and continue to expand, a handpicked cadre of TSME (Technical Subject Matter Expert) talent for some of the most in-demand tech stacks.

The goal is to technically pre-screen candidates before our clients invest valuable time and energy interviewing. Along with any submitted resume you’ll have a post technical vetting report to review. (see sample report)

If they don’t strongly match your specific technical needs (which are gathered from you at the beginning of the process by the same TSME that will be vetting potential candidates) you likely will not invest time to interview. The whole point of this process is to make sure you only invest time interviewing highly qualified candidates. However, you’ll always have first right-of-refusal on any candidates that we screen as you may have a role for them to perform well in or find something appealing to you even if they are not a rock solid fit for the role at hand. The choice is yours!

By inserting a TSME into the technical requirements gathering stage of the search process and then having them vet technical skills of potential candidates, the chance of candidates aligning well with your technical needs is augmented. We hope this is a value-add that you embrace.

Here are some sample profiles to digest …

.NET Stack

.NET Architect/Dev/Mgr
  15 years as hands-on developer, lead & architect
  8 years at a Director level in both start-up and Fortune 100 environments
  8 years leadership of Agile teams, on-shore & distributed
  Expertise in .NET, C#, ASP, MVC, AJAX-jQuery, WebAPI, HTML/CSS
  Expertise in hiring and managing Dev, DBA, SQA, BA, DevOps and Networking staff


Perl Dev Veteran
  20+ years of Perl development with ~40 years of overall software dev experience
  Technical reviewer of four Perl books
  Author of a very popular CPAN module
  Experienced in code and candidate review
  Performs as a Perl trainer for individuals and groups/classes

LAMP Stack

Lead LAMP Architect
⇒  10 years as production LAMP developer/architect with focus in integrations, asynchronous systems, and scalable solutions
⇒  7 years leadership of both traditional and Agile development teams
⇒  Expertise in object oriented design for PHP and native Javascript
⇒  Additional expertise in MySQL, Debian/RHEL, Apache, jQuery, AJAX, HTML5/CSS3, AS3/MXML, JSON/XML
⇒  Experience with many frameworks including Zend, Symfony, CakePHP, Ext.js, Backbone.js

Tech leader / System Architecture / System Admin / IT

Technical Leadership / Sr. Technical System Architect
⇒  20+ years of experience in the enterprise IT industry
⇒  Expert-level Systems Architect and Technology Consultant for over 120 companies (Fortune 100 to SMB)
⇒  Experience hiring and managing dozens of system engineers and IT professionals over the years (for and within large corporations, as well as start-ups)
⇒  Extensive expertise in all aspects of IT infrastructure design, implementation, and support, networking, distributed systems, scalability solutions, storage technologies, security, virtualization, cloud enablement and orchestration, etc.
⇒  Graduate level technology education

Data Science / Bioinformatics

Lead Data Analyst
⇒  10+ years of experience in the fields of complex data analysis and visualization
⇒  Former scientist at TSRI and a number of biotech startups in the San Diego area
⇒  Trained mathematician & statistician
⇒  Highly proficient in the use of data mining/data analysis tools and technologies (development and infrastructure)