Seasoned .NET Talent

Focus = Tech Leads, Architects, Sr. Devs, DevOps, etc.

We understand that leaders drive innovation

  • We offer seasoned tech talent who drive the right type of architectural and operational solutions needed to deliver excellence.
  • We focus on hands-on talent that, though they have matured into thought leaders, creative collaborators, and mentors, are still down-to-the-metal engineers who can deliver as well as lead.

How We Deliver!

We Engage Candidates Differently

Candidates, especially the best talent, are constantly getting bombarded.

  • To cut through the haze, we use in-house technologists who are subject matter experts to engage our candidates.
  • From the first conversation, candidates are working with someone who speaks their language, understands their motivations.
  • We can bring you candidates highly motivated and thoroughly vetted for the dynamic culture you’ve created.

We Truly Listen

Everything we do starts with a deep understanding of your key differentiators

  • Your goals drive our search efforts.
  • Sure, we want to know the tools and tech, but also the culture, the mindset, the core values that have made your delivery organization effective and efficient.