Aside from currently performing as a tech recruiting industry Advisor for a growing CA based SaaS startup developing tech recruiting solutions , the founder’s past real world work experience in the tech startup ecosystem makes TechTalent refreshingly unique. We get that your overall DNA and wiring is often different than larger, more established tech companies. Whether you’re an early stage startup or a maturing, fast growing tech company, TechTalent is positioned to offer creative solutions to address your unique needs. Since a tech startup company’s needs vary widely (e.g. cash-flow challenges, flexible staffing needs, nuanced company culture, etc.), TechTalent is ready to strategically partner with your management team.

Why the great affection for Startups?

Prior to transitioning to the tech search/staffing domain in 1996, the founder of TechTalent (launched 2004) was performing as an independent technical consultant followed by a role in technical management for a small, fast growing San Diego based software company. While still managing Technical Support Services, VAR (Value-Added Reseller) Technical Training programs and aspects of IT Ops, the company was successfully acquired. A few years post exit, he pivoted into the tech recruiting space while continuing to embrace that valued startup experience. The result of that startup adventure has been a source of an enthusiastic commitment to offering startup clients a genuine value via flexibility and creativity.

Custom Startup Solutions

At the heart of any client-recruiter relationship, creative solutions often boil down to Search Agreement terms that make sense for both parties. Based on this concept it is TechTalent’s ongoing commitment to keep an open mind when crafting and negotiating each moving part that makes up any search agreement. The goal is to find the best solution for your management team.

‘Will Work for Equity’

In the true spirit of having skin in the game, TechTalent is absolutely open and genuinely interested in exploring/discussing the bold option of a potential equity position in your beloved startup for services rendered. An equity position in your startup effectively takes the concept of a client-recruiter partnership to the next level.

So, don’t be shy about exploring this option with us as this type of strategic arrangement is what makes the search for talent the most exciting and rewarding for us.